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About Us

Robin Cichy

Robin is passionate about the manufacturers and suppliers she represents.  Robin Cichy Associates has been sourcing and supplying FF&E and OS&E to the hospitality industry for  more than 20 years.  She specializes in creating collaborations with strategic manufacturers and supply partners to provide the highest quality product for her global client base.

Robin has a keen eye for style and a unique ability to pair her clients with the most ideal manufacturers to suit their project requirements. She is an industry forerunner and the independent representative of some of the best suppliers of decorative accessories, case goods and art work in the market.







Global Views

Global Views has been be curating unique collections of home accessories and accent pieces since 1996.  The collection blends pieces that are elegant, elevated, refined and casual. The company creates items that will work in any decor and will accommodate a wide array of design sensibilities.


Global Views now has three distinct brands from total home resource to collaborative  relationships with designers for more refined and elevated product.

Their Studio A Home offers a lifestyle, subtle and natural more organic product range.


SkLO sits at the intersection of modern California design and centuries-old Czech glass tradition. From their studios in Healdsburg, Northern California and the Czech Republic, every SkLO product is made with a deep appreciation for the richness of its organic material and the historical craft tradition it embodies. SkLO designs demonstrate careful attention to detail, and a commitment to achieving the simplest expression of beauty. This belief in simplicity and design discipline is always balanced by a deep respect for the raw material, and closeness to the maker. There’s an inherent primal brutality and unexpectedness in glassblowing, and in Czech glass in particular. Masters of the craft make manipulation of molten glass appear effortless, as they employ generations of skillful technique.

frameWorks Tropical Bar Wallcovering.jpg

For more than 20 years, FrameWorks has provided professional art and framing solutions and design services to galleries, public and private art collections, artists, businesses, hotels, cruise lines, and residential clients. As art, printing, and framing experts, they curate, produce, frame and deliver a full specification for any sized project anywhere in the world. 


FrameWorks understand the sentimental and financial value of client’s original artwork, images, and memorabilia and adhere to the highest of standards to ensure they’re properly framed, preserved, and beautifully presented.

Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue is a multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer based in Cebu, Philippines. Working closely with some of the world’s leading designers, from household names to emerging talents, Kenneth has been pushing the envelope for design in the Philippines and sharing his vision with a global audience since taking over his mother’s furniture design and manufacturing company in 1996.  His designs have been selected for several editions of the International Design Yearbook published in London and New York.  Phaidon’s book entitled “& FORK” underscores Kenneth’s position as a leader of a new movement incorporating new technologies with crafts. TIME magazine called him “rattan’s first virtuoso” in 2007 and he was named the Designer of the Year in the first edition of Maison et Objet Asia held in 2014.  Kenneth Cobonpue creates pieces of functional art inspired by nature, masterfully integrated with traditional craft and innovative technologies to offer an exquisite alternative to the Western definition of modern furniture design.


Pinetti is an exclusive family-owned, Italian company specializing in the craftsmanship of leather.   The company was formed in 1970 by then architect, Alberto Pinetti and by 1988 Pinetti had become globally renowned for its luxury leather accessories being sold through the most exclusive retailers in major cities across the globe.


Today Pinetti has grown through years of passionate dedication and family collaboration to excel in producing the finest leatherware accessories for residential, retail, hospitality and the yachting and leisure industries. The company’s ability to create unique, made-to-measure products paved the way for bespoke collections of high-end products for the very best brands in high fashion and furnishings.

Classic Rug Collection INC

In 1999, Barbara Barran started Classic Rug Collection, Inc. drawing upon her interest in historical references, craft, literature and design. Her first collections were based on the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, American Primitive designs, the Gee’s Blend Quilt patterns, Art Deco motifs and classic Eastern geometrics.  This evolved into designs from travel experiences and imagination that ultimately developed into a constantly evolving, collection of one-of-a-kind bespoke, luxury rugs.  All rugs are created using only natural fibers, 100% NZ wool, silk, hemp, linen, cotton, pashmina and are predominantly handmade in Nepal by Barbara’s own, highly skilled craftsmen.


Classic Rug Collection is a "Concierge Service of Artworks for the Floor".

Paragon Art

Paragon Picture Gallery was founded on the simple vision of beautifying homes with accessible and artful decor and wall art. The Paragon brand today provides an expansive selection of framed wall art prints, as well as a mix of wall decor, accessories, and lamps. Paragon began manufacturing its own framed prints in 1979, and the company has grown extensively to become one of the largest manufacturers of wall decor in the US today.

With over 2,000 products in their inventory, the aesthetic of Paragon wall art is notably varied. Styles range from contemporary, to traditional, to casual, with one of the largest collections of affordable coastal-inspired art available in the modern market. Paragon wall art subjects include architecture, culinary, figurative, global, maps, photography, and landscapes.The Kinder-Harris collection carries the motifs of geometric shapes, abstract impressionism, and artful curved lamps with stunning finishes including glazed and hammered.

Henry Hall Designs

Based in San Francisco, California, Henry Hall Designs specializes in fine outdoor furniture that offers a refreshing diversity in styles, eras, and materials.  In the late 1980s, while traveling many regions of the world, company founder Henry Andrew Hall developed an insight into the world of furniture design and production. Drawing upon family influences in art, architecture, and business, Hall established the company in 1999 and developed the first outdoor furniture collection.  Today, the company encompasses the talents of numerous award-winning international designers making up over nine different furniture collections.  With every new collection, Henry Hall Designs inspires indulgence in the luxury of enjoying one's own environment. The collections offered are a testament to the discriminating taste of partners and clients.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 14-15-09 Limited Edition 'Feathers'.png
Lunares - Nima Oberoi

Founded 25 years ago, Nima Oberoi-Lunares is completely family-owned, vertical and sustainable business specializing in the design and manufacture of aluminum and enamel lifestyle and custom crafted designer-ware. Nima's brother, C.S. Oberoi, handles factory operations while Nima manages the design and sales from her base in San Francisco.

Born and raised in Chandigarh, India, Nima can attribute the inspiration for her creativity and  innovation to her culturally rich and architecturally historic birthplace located at the base of the Himalayan mountain range. Inspired by the artistically progressive city of her birth, Nima is renowned for her luxurious, contemporary design.


OS&E ~ Table Tops

SUPER  Hi Res iStock-1038745852 (2)_edited.jpg
Preserved Interiors

Since 1995 Preserved Interiors has been providing clients worldwide with the highest quality of custom  replica trees and plants and have been supplied worldwide to major Hotels /Casinos, restaurant chains, shopping malls, airports, medical buildings, office towers and more.

Their custom design  is of the highest quality and artistic workmanship which allows for much greater aesthetics visual botanical appeal, and true to life uniformity.  Preserved interiors can design and custom build your trees and plants to suit your project specifications.

For over 20 years Preserved Interiors has been providing excellent value and quality on award winning product with prompt, professional service and can bring the beauty of nature to your indoor and outdoor landscapes.

Montes Doggett

Montes Doggett has its roots in Mexico, where owner Monica Porter grew up influenced by her mother, who frequently hosted formal dinners and had an eye for simple and elegant settings.  Both women shared a passion for the home and table, and both knew memories created over food would be cherished by the family for decades. Today, Montes Doggett continues the tradition of creating memories at the table by offering an exquisite collection of tabletop ceramics and pottery. Each handcrafted piece is chosen for its versatility, simplicity and functionality. The traditional shapes of the tabletop are interpreted in new ways, creating endless possibilities and combinations.  From start to finish, only the finest natural materials are used, and each piece undergoes a rigorous process to ensure unparalleled workmanship.


Throughout the years, VIETRI's focus has been to celebrate the simple act of sharing a meal with family and friends. Inspired by the Italian lifestyle, VIETRI encourages savoring one anothers company, and keeping sacred the time spent around the table.

In 1983, Susan, Frances and Lee Gravely they fell in love with the Italian culture on their first trip to Italy.

Captivated by the hotel's colorful, handcrafted dinnerware, they arranged to meet the artisans at a nearby factory in the town of Vietri sul Mare. As they watched the artisans paint, glaze, and fire each piece by hand, they were inspired to share the treasure they had discovered. Returning home with an array of mixed pattered pieces related to nature they began the collection that would become Campagna, VIETRI's flagship dinnerware.


Caskata’s unique blend of classic and contemporary pieces make it easy to mix and match from the many patterns to create simple unique and inspired table settings to suit any venue or occasion.   “We make the things we hope to never tire of… that bring you joy every time you take them out and that gives it a wonderful relevance for the way we live today. Caskata make dinnerware because they love to entertain - not in the stuffy, formal way, but in the belly-laughing-until-you-cry sort of way.”

Their design process is rooted in the practical and the useful, inspired by the environmental and cultural influences around them.  They are creators who make things of great beauty from an idea.




Home Decor



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